12.8TB Micron 9300 MAX U.2 NVMe Enterprise SSD - MTFDHAL12T8TDR-1AT1ZABYY -

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Micron 9300 Max MTFDHAL12T8TDR-1AT1ZABYY 12.8TB 2.5-Inch U.2 3D TLC Mixed-Use PCIe 3.0 NVMe Solid State Drive – Brand New

Micron 9300 Max MTFDHAL12T8TDR-1AT1ZABYY 12.8TB / 12800GB 2.5" U.2 3D TLC / Triple Level Cell MU / Mixed-Use 3-DWPD / Drive Writes Per Day PCIe / PCI Express 3.0 NVMe / NVM Express SSD / Solid State Drive – Brand New


  Capacity: 12.8TB
  Sequential Reads (MB/s): 3500
  Sequential Writes (MB/s): 3500
  Random Reads (K IOPS): 850
  Random Writes (K IOPS): 310
  Endurance (TBW in PB): 74.7
  Form Factor: U.2 (2.5-inch, 15mm)
  Interface: PCIe Gen 3 x4 NVMe
  NAND: Micron 64-layer 3D TLC NAND
  MTTF: 2 million device hours
  Advanced Features:
Flex Capacity, end-to-end enterprise data path protection, power loss protection, secure signed firmware, Storage Executive SSD management, XPERT features, high performance, low latency, NVM Express industry standard,
  Item Dimension (L inchxW inchxH inch): 4 x 3 x 1
  Weight: 1.00 lb
Micron 9300 NVMe SSD

When Microseconds Matter

Performance-critical cloud and enterprise workloads demand consistently fast throughput and near real-time access to data. The Micron® 9300 series of NVM Express® (NVMe™) SSDs delivers industry-leading sequential write performance and the lowest average write latency in the market to accelerate your growing data center demands.*

Rely on a Trusted, Proven Architecture
Micron has proven the value of flash technologies like 3D TLC NAND and NVMe in building next-level enterprise and cloud infrastructures. Our flagship high-performance storage product, the Micron 9200 SSD, was the industry’s highest 4K random read IOPS SSD and the first to deliver over 10TB of storage capacity to the marketplace. The Micron 9300 SSDs leverage this rich history while improving speed and performance and lowering power (28% versus the 9200 SSD). The familiar architecture of the 9300 accelerates OEM quals.

Larger and More in Charge
With our highest-capacity enterprise SSDs, the Micron 9300 series challenges HDDs head-on with drives from 3.2TB to 15.36TB. The 9300 SSDs also offer simplified firmware management, expansion into multiple namespaces to accommodate multitenancy, and more parallel sessions for single storage devices. And the Micron 9300 SSDs are our most power-efficient and cost-efficient enterprise NVMe SSDs to date.

Key Benefits

No Read or Write Compromises
Consistently read and write up to 3.5 GB/s of sequential data.** The Micron 9300 SSDs ingest and read at industry-leading speeds, enabling faster data analysis

Add IPOs to Your Balance Sheet
Maximize your data center investment with improved power efficiency (more than 28%) and performance.*** The Micron 9300 series saves rack/floor space and lowers license/power costs by using fewer drives to achieve more

Performance Pays
Take advantage of solutions optimized for low latency and performance-critical workloads like caching, database acceleration, online transaction processing (OLTP), high frequency trading (HFT), block and object stores, and training/caching for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL)

HDD-Caliber Capacity, NVMe Results
Experience flexible, efficient storage utilization and multitenacy with up to 15.36TB capacity and 32 NVMe namespaces

One Size Fits All
Get more from a single part number with Micron’s Flex Capacity feature, which lets you adjust SSD capacity, performance and endurance to meet your needs.

Best-Fit Workloads for the 9300

  • AI/ML/DL Training and Caching
    Accelerate data ingest and trim test and training cycle times for AI, ML and DL.
  • OLTP
    Increase performance and consistency for better platform transaction rates.
  • NoSQL Databases
    Build faster, smaller and more economical clusters at a lower cost.
  • Large Object
    Manage and store more blocks, streams and objects in less space.
  • Small Random Block
    Find significantly better performance than a hard disk drive, with fewer nodes.
  • Big Data
    Bring performance to all four corners of your high performance stacks. Even the top tier of tiered storage becomes cost-efficient.


* Based on the best SKU in each NVMe high-performance product family’s U.2 (15mm) form factor and information in public competitor data sheets accessed 1 February 2019. Actual performance may vary.
**4KB transfers with a queue depth of 1 are used to measure READ/WRITE latency values.
***Watt (average root mean square) of Micron 9200 SSD compared to the 9300.


This drive is compatible with servers and arrays that accept 2.5” 15mm SFF PCIe NVMe drives

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